Vernissage 14 Oktober 2012
Soloexhibition of the artist Ine Lammers
06.05.2011 - 30.05.2011

In Art Gallery Berlin presents works from Ine Lammers.

Vernissage: Friday, 6th of May, 6 - 8 pm

Einzelausstellung "Narrendeponie" des Künstlers Peter Kohl
01.04.2011 - 05.05.2011

The gallery in art Berlin presents from 1st of April to 5th of May 2011

works of the artist Peter Kohl.

Exhibition "Process and Matter" of the artists Olexiy Khoroshko & Serhiy Savchenko
20.01.2011 - 31.03.2011

Vernissage on Thursday, 20th of January from 5 pm.
Duration of exhibition: 20th January 2011 - 31st March 2011


Lineart 2010 in Gent
03.12.2010 - 07.12.2010
Soloexhibition "10 Stunden" - Peter Flume

from 11 a.m.: Economic Thriller - Peter Flume presents his new video project of decision-making "economic thriller "10 hours"".

Framed by the exhibition of photographs by Tom Meier.

Solo Exhibition "Province Territory" of the artist Eugenia Jaeger
11.11.2010 - 20.01.2011

Gallery In Art presents from 11th November 2010 to 20th January 2011 works of the artist Eugenia Jaeger in Berlin under the title "provincial territory."

Eugenia Jaeger was born in Kazakhstan and lives in Germany since 1996.

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Soloexhibition "Close Enough" - Torsten Meier and "Fliegerlatein" - Rudi Rödig

from 11 a.m.:

Opening to the photographs of Torsten Meier with unusual angles and colors of aviation.

Rudi Roeder presents in the Latin series pilot excerpts from his pressure books.

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07.10.2010 - 10.10.2010
art bodensee 2010
23.07.2010 - 25.07.2010