Veranstaltungen in Nürtingen

Vernissage 14 Oktober 2012
Soloexhibition "10 Stunden" - Peter Flume

from 11 a.m.: Economic Thriller - Peter Flume presents his new video project of decision-making "economic thriller "10 hours"".

Framed by the exhibition of photographs by Tom Meier.

Soloexhibition "Close Enough" - Torsten Meier and "Fliegerlatein" - Rudi Rödig

from 11 a.m.:

Opening to the photographs of Torsten Meier with unusual angles and colors of aviation.

Rudi Roeder presents in the Latin series pilot excerpts from his pressure books.

Soloexhibition of picture works of the artist Sylvia Stadtmüller
21.03.2010 - 02.05.2010

The gallery in art and Peter Flume present...


The photo artist Sylvia Stadtmüller deals with experimental photography as an expressive form of art. The 32-year-old takes people, landscapes, part of the building and adds them into new compositions. Cars drive in the sea, a woman hovering ghostlike up a station on the edge of a staircase, or group of deer, a miniature fishing anglers. Often reveals itself to the viewer only on second glance, which links the scenes together Mülheimerin.

Vernissage on Sunday at 21st March from 11 am.